How was that supposed to go again?

Our pastor preached on Colossians chapter 3 this week; on the Godly way that those in a position of authority should act. He focussed on three groups of people: husbands, parents, and employers. He talked about acting with justice, about being an encouragement, about respect.

When it came to husbands he stated that there were a few things that they could probably say more frequently to their wives:

‘You are beautiful’

‘I’m sorry, I was wrong’

‘You do that really well’

We got home and my husband, well, he messed it up.

You see,  ‘I’m sorry, I was wrong’ should not be applied to the sentence ‘you are beautiful’.

And ‘you do that really well’ should maybe not be applied to the washing up.

It’s a good thing that we both have the same sense of humour!

Just to be clear – I am very grateful to have a husband who states regularly that I am beautiful, who is very able to say that he is sorry when it is appropriate to the situation, and who is the most encouraging of men when it comes to projects that I undertake. Moz, I love and respect you, you’re doing a great job!

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