First day of school

Today, for the first time in ages, I drove my child to school by car for the first day of term. I wouldn’t usually do that – we live so close that he usually walks – but he’s going to camp today and I always drive them in when it’s camp day.

Yes, camp on the first day of the new year.

Yes, the school think it’s a bad idea too, apparently they couldn’t help it.

Hopefully it all goes smoothly.

Hopefully they have the medical form that I mailed to them at the end of last year.

There were cars everywhere at the school, EVERYWHERE! And even for the short time that I was there I picked up the buzz of excitement. The little circles of girls sitting together, catching up. The parents walking their little children up to the primary school, all prepared to stay to settle them in. Boys running down the street, bursting with energy.

The new year is full of promise, fresh and exciting.

As I drove on to work I started musing on the other first days that I remember. The day I took DD (my eldest) for her first day of kindergarten. All kitted out in the uniform, so cute, with that straw hat and green ribbon. The straw had lasted about a week and then was replaced by something that you can shove into a bag without it falling apart. But it was soooo cute for about two days!

The day I took DS for his first day, both of them in school and I couldn’t believe how the time had passed and how grown up we were. I don’t think I wondered what I would do with my time – I was at uni by then, I knew what I would have to try to squeeze in to school hours.

I remember the day that DD started grade 3 and DS was in prep – both of them in full time school for the first time. I stayed to watch the beginning of the school day. Their primary school started each day by lining up in class lines and being welcomed to school by the principal. It was so precious, I just wanted to be a part of it!

This is getting maudlin!

Anyway, the thing is, the only first day I’m going to attend in the future will be this time next year, and only if they do camp on the first day again. We are getting to the end of the process now, DS has two more years to go and then a whole new adventure starts.

I find first days of school so exciting. Perhaps because when my children are starting it’s not my adventure. I can get all of the excitement of a new start without any of the accompanying nervousness and anxiety. (Perhaps it’s because I’m an introvert and the first day of school means an empty house for me!)

I have a few new things starting this year – a new research project with a new boss, a new go at tutoring more full time, new opportunities to write. May I approach these things with excitement and joy for fresh possibilities and new starts. May I let go of the fear and anxiety, and trust that I will have the support I need as I step out into new things!

Here’s to first days!

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