Sometimes multi-tasking works…

I had to go to the group office (one floor down) to do a computer calculation so I thought I’d be smart, take my mug, set up the calculation and then go for coffee on the way back to my own office. Coffee is cheaper when you take your own mug! And it’s better for the environment.

So I grabbed the mug, the notebook, the swipe card for the group office, the phone (I thought I’d ring my parents on the way to coffee), my office keys and my pen and set off down to the group office.

I set up the calculation, copied important files onto the usb key on my office keys, then set off for coffee.

And realised that it’s very hard to buy coffee without any money.

So I traipsed upstairs to my office to get my purse.

And realised that it’s very hard to unlock your office door when the keys are stuck (with the usb key) in the computer in the group office.

SO I wandered back down to the office, got my keys, dragged my tired legs upstairs to my office and unlocked the door, got my purse and took myself off for coffee. It was becoming abundantly clear that the coffee was necessary.

Sometimes multi-tasking works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

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