Father’s Day

I could just write a Facebook post, or just a card, but I think, as words are my ‘thing’ that I will write a slightly longer post today.

It’s Fathers day and I want to do a bit of honouring here.

Firstly, my Dad: I am so blessed to have you as my father. I think my earliest memory of you is when you made us scrambled eggs on toast with tomato sauce for dinner when Mum was in hospital having number three. You have given us so much, really displayed unconditional love and care for us as kids and also respect and honour to Mum. You showed us God’s father heart. I have loved our introvert times spent together, silent in the car. I also loved what felt like the sneaky sharing of a love for rock music. And I am totally blessed by how you respected my 19 year old boyfriend enough to allow us to marry and start our journey together so early in life. Happy Fathers Day!

Secondly, DH: he will not want me to say much here but I have had this amazing journey with this man, who gave me the children I so desperately wanted and then helped me so much when I found that this child raising job was waaaay beyond what I could do by myself! You have been a fantastic father to our two and have shown fatherly care and love to so many others. Love you.

Thirdly: There are so many today who will find this day hard. Their father has left, or has passed away. Or they are unable to become a biological father even though they want it so much. Our prayers and love are with you. The pain is something I can’t imagine and I pray for your comfort on this day.

Finally: There are so many men who step up and become father figures for children who stand in need. You guys rock! Today, I honour fathers, and father-figures. We need you. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Happy Father’s Day.

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