Feeling Secure

Over the last few days there’s been a bit of a misunderstanding at the security firm that looks after our church building. DH is the first person they call when they are worried, and they’ve been worried a bit lately.

We first saw the problem when we were at the midnight service – you know, the one that runs at midnight on Christmas eve. We were at the carol singing part of the service when DH received a phone call. Fortunately the carol we were singing was a loud one, his ringtone is the Twilight Zone theme and it might have been a bit strange if it had rung through Silent Night or something. He took the call, curled up under the sound desk. Security had rung to say that no-one had armed the church security system yet! It would have been a bit difficult – there were about 300 people there at the time!

Then Christmas morning we got another call. This time at about 830am. ‘Someone has disarmed the church!’ well, yes. Yes they had. It was Christmas morning, we had a church service to run. ‘But it’s a public holiday.’ Yes. It’s a religious holiday. We celebrate by having a church service, for which we have to disarm the church alarm so that the people can come in.

This morning we received yet another call. This time at 530am. ‘Someone has disarmed the church’ This time it was the daybreak prayer group. We told them (again) that it wasn’t a problem. ‘But (again) it’s a public holiday!’ I don’t think they get the idea of what a church is. Maybe we should invite them over so that they can understand!

Anyway, I got back to sleep this morning and the public holidays are over now so perhaps we’ll stop getting all these phone calls!

Happy Holidays!

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