DH and I both left home this morning for a few days. Our trips coincided. He was going to a school camp (as a teacher, of course) and I have come to Melbourne. He gets back on Friday, I’m here until Saturday. We both had to pack and leave at around the same time. He packed last night as well. Well, he had to, didn’t he.

His stuff was scattered all over the house. There was food and cooking utensils in the dining room, he was testing his inflatable sleeping mat in the den and had piled things on top of it to see if it would stay inflated all night. There were clothes packed in bags in the bedroom. Stuff everywhere.

I didn’t pack last night. I was too tired. I actually spent the evening watching YouTube nothing videos. Really tired. So I went to bed early. I was pretty sure I could pack this morning.

This morning we woke up and I packed. I got out my tiny carry-on suitcase and put some clothes and books in it. And was pretty much done. DS gave me heaps for having as many books as I had clothes. Probably right for an aspiring writer.

I thought I’d write for fifteen minutes before I started the day. I’m trying to do that every day, start with writing. But there was no way I could write with DH running around packing everything into the car and DS sitting around in his PJs chatting to me. In the end DS and I gave in and helped carry bits and pieces up to the car. The cricket bat, the butane for the stoves, the hat, the flippers. There was quite a bit to do.

Eventually the car was packed. We helped check the lights on the trailer and then DH said that he needed to fill his pockets with wallet and keys and we prepared to say goodbye.

Suddenly DS said, ‘Mum! Stand still!’ and raced back into the house. A HUGE huntsman spider was walking across the carport from DH’s car to mine. I got down on the ground to keep an eye on it so that it didn’t get lost and DS grabbed the fly swot. The huntsman had moved to the centre of my car so when DS and DH got back, DH laid on the ground and tried to scare the spider back out so that DS could deal with it.

The spider didn’t scare easily so I handed DH a big stick to poke it with. It was eventually poked out to the other side where it was swiftly dispatched by DS. The stick came in handy again to hook it onto and put it into the garden.

Then we said goodbye and I loaded my teeny tiny suitcase into the car while DH took his fully loaded vehicle and trailer off to camp. The adventures had started. I’m really hoping my weekend doesn’t get that adventurous again but I think DH’s probably will.

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