Interesting cultural differences

the syrup aisle
So much maple flavoured syrup!

Here’s a fun thing: There’s a shop near me, and when you try to steal stuff by taking it through the door with the ID tags still attached, it doesn’t set off a screaming, beeping alarm. Instead there is a polite voice saying, ‘Excuse me, but we seem to have forgotten to remove one of our ID tags from your purchases. Please bring your purchase to the register so we can remove the tags.’

So polite. Not necessarily a bad thing. It does repeat over and over, but hey. (It wasn’t us with the ID tags still attached, by the way, it just happened while we were there.)

And today, when we were buying groceries, the self checkout asked us to, ‘Please put your item in the bagging area’ with every item. But then, one of the items was a bag of mushrooms. They needed to be weighed and the code put in, so the announcement changed slightly:

‘Please put your “mushrooms” in the bagging area.’

Catherine thought she (the phantom voice) sounded proud to know what was being bagged. But I thought she sounded mighty suspicious of the “mushrooms”.

The picture today is of the maple syrup aisle. I just can’t get over how many bottles of syrup there are. And also how the instant coffee is locked away in a glass cabinet and that you need to call for assistance to purchase it.

All these interesting cultural differences.

Today also we’ve been to Hollywood proper, with all the stars on the footpath, and people dressed in costume, and famous theatres and waxworks museums and stuff, and Scientology people accosting you on every corner. We just walked past all this on our way to the subway after going to an amazing Mexican restaurant for lunch, but it was an experience anyway.

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