Joining the Dots


I love talking to retired people on my podcast. In fact, sometimes I need to remind myself to keep the balance by talking to some younger folks as well. But the older ones among us are often the wiser ones, and they can look back on their lives and join the dots to see how experiences early on have been used later to help with the projects they have been called to.

The podcast interview with Greg Foot this week is like that. He can see, looking back, how his teaching work contributed to the work with World Vision, and how that helped when he came to work with Scripture Union, and how all of it has come together to contribute to his ministry work in the Anglican church now. There are also some amazing stories of timing and risk.

But when it comes to my own life, when I’m looking forward, when I need to decide whether to leave a house or stay where I am, whether to change jobs, or move cities, or move into a new ministry, I can’t always see the way those dots connect. And I’m sure it’s the same for you.

Don’t worry, I’m not moving house or job or anything right now but I am fascinated by the question of change.

Sometimes when you’re feeling really uncomfortable in a situation it means that change is on the horizon. My wise aunt once told me that change can’t happen without discomfort. And that’s all good. But sometimes discomfort means that you should stay and pray through the situation. And sometimes you need to talk with the person causing the discomfort so that they can make a change that they need to make. Sometimes you only need to change your own attitude and everything else should stay the same.

How do you know when your discomfort means it’s time to jump?

We can’t know for sure. We are living forwards in time, we can only look back to see what happens once we’ve made the decisions and taken the risks. And I even believe that there isn’t necessarily a Plan A for every situation. Sometimes the choices are balanced and we just need to lean one way or the other and take what comes.

I do believe that there is One who knows the future, and who can cope with every choice we make and turn it to good. And that helps me live my life now with a lot less anxiety and fear.

How about you? How do you make decisions about the future? Do you have a story about a time that you just needed to jump and hope that the parachute held? Can you already see the dots joining in your life?


There is a bit of change here – I’m trying something new. Each week I will write about something that links with the podcast. You can hear more of my thoughts in the interview each week, and get a musing on some aspect of the podcast through the blog. Let me know what you think!

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