Ruth Amos

Bio: "Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life" Ruth's ambition is to lead a quiet life. Some days she is more successful than others. She is a writer, runs her own business, looks after her family and helps out at church, not to mention the coffee she drinks with friends. She wants to share her quiet life moments here.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ruth 🙂 Congrats on your blog – however I’ve found it too difficult to read your blog posts as the font is too large for me to read comfortably. I hope you can modify the presentation for easier reading. Kind regards, Lucy


    • Hi Lucy, I talked to my tech support (my husband 🙂 ) about your issue this morning. He suggested that when you’re trying to read it you hit control and minus (ctrl -) or command minus (cmd -) if you’re on a mac and that should reduce the font size for you and make it easier to read. I’d love to hear if that solves your problem!


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