Things that go bump in the night

This post was written after our second night away.

We had a visitor last night. It could have been mice but we’re pretty sure (from all the noise) that it was Ratty himself. I guess not Water Rat, but probably Rattus Rattus or a little mouse, anyway it was definitely a four legged friend.

He woke us up by knocking an empty plastic bottle from the bench to the floor. Then he bumbled around for a bit until we looked at each other and decided to go and see what was going on. But we made a fair bit of noise getting up. As I said to DH, ‘We don’t actually want to see him!’.

We had known that mice were a possibility since we turned up and saw the dead one on the floor here to welcome us. In fact, we had been told to make sure the place was spotlessly clean when we left – to not even leave a cake of soap to attract them. We hadn’t put out more RatSack because I guess we thought they wouldn’t be here until we were gone, and we have been pretty careful with our crumbs and crusts but obviously not careful enough. Perhaps we are not used to rodents in the house. We are used to owning a cat. Kat would have a field day here! But then, she might eat the wildlife as well, and I’m not sure what she’d think of the trip up, so perhaps we’ll stick to RatSack.

So, we put out the tasty, yet poisonous, treat for our Ratty friend (do you still want to be my friend? I seem to have murderous capabilities!) and went back to bed. It was 330am and we were a little concerned that our plans for today would be very disrupted by lack of sleep – it’s hard to summon up any adventuring energy when all you want to do is curl back up under the covers.

But, you see, we are on holidays. Curling up under the covers is not a forbidden activity. It is positively encouraged. Yesterday I had two (count them, two!) naps and still went to sleep easily at 930pm. That meant that this morning we could have a very relaxed attitude at 330am. We turned on the bedside lamp and read our books until we felt sleepy and both of us managed to drop back off to sleep in a reasonable amount of time and to sleep in a little this morning. We didn’t hear the boats heading out for fishing like we did yesterday and while I was woken up by next door’s preparations for the day, DH went on sleeping peacefully for another half hour or so.

So we are ready to go adventuring today. We will, soon. Soon we will go adventuring. Right now, sitting in the sunshine in our dressing gowns, reading books and eating breakfast are the order of the day. After all, it’s only ten o’clock! We’ll get going soon, I promise…