If you wave I might see you

The ocean

You know those ‘days off’ that are so full that you need a day off to recover? That was today.

We went to church (amazing pipe organ, beautiful choral music, awesome stained glass), then we came home and got dressed more warmly (I was promised summer), and then went to an amazing Jewish deli for lunch (good sandwiches, huge pickles), then walked (through a cool marketplace thing) to LACMA (a museum, we just walked around the grounds but it was still amazing), then went to see a movie with a friend (Incredibles 2, good fun), then ate dinner (quesadillas and tacos), then came home.

I saw the Pacific Ocean from the other side, and sang about the Santa Monica Boulevard. I saw lots of things, actually. I have some processing to do. My brain is very full.

Tomorrow I need to work, and Catherine also needs to work. I think we might find it more restful than our day off. Then, in the evening, I will be experiencing the real show time Hollywood-ness of L.A. I hope that I have enough energy to tell you about it afterwards.