My thoughts on the eve of 2015

I changed the bed sheets today. It was a job that was long overdue. (Yes, I know, but isn’t the blog-verse a place for over-sharing?)

As I put the crisp white sheets on my bed and hung the washed sheets out on the clothes line I was thinking how pleasant it is to start the year with clean sheets. And, of course, that got me thinking metaphorically.

I know that New Year’s Day is all about new year’s resolutions and commitments to new behaviours for the new year. Perhaps New Year’s Eve is about clean sheets. About having a clean slate to start the next year with. About forgiveness.

How about, instead of making resolutions that you don’t really intend to keep, you spend some time in repentance for the things that you have done in the old year and accept for yourself a clean slate?

How about we forgive those who have hurt us, and give each other clean sheets going into the new year?

Let’s start 2015 with crisp white sheets, forgiving, forgiven and free.