Being looked after

There has been a few God things this trip already. Call them coincidences if you like. I’ll allow that.

The first of these amazing happenings started its story a couple of years ago. Caleb just happened to have the same profile picture as a guy called Jake. Jake reached out and they became friends. Then Jake decided to attend university in Tasmania. Caleb picked him up from the airport and they’ve had some classes together. It’s been cool.

Well, Jake decided to go home early. And in an amazing coincidence we were booked on the same flight. That meant that we could take him to the airport in Tasmania and in even more of a coincidence, my destination in LA is on the way to his destination. So he (or the friend who picked him up) could easily drop me off.

That’s when the second God thing happened. I was buzzing my sister’s apartment (and the buzzer apparently doesn’t work) and the guys who dropped me off were double-parked outside and waiting for me to get in. And I had a backup plan here, just letting you know. But no plan at all was needed because one of Catherine’s neighbours took one look at me and let me into the complex. She didn’t speak a lot of English but she said, ‘Sister? Yes, sister. Same face.” Which was hilarious. So, on the basis of a very strong family resemblance I was up and knocking on my sister’s door in no time and giving her a huge hug.

So it’s been a very promising start.  The hug was followed up with three hours sleep, a nice walk around the neighbourhood, and a beautiful lunch together on a rooftop restaurant. I’ve taken some touristy photos and enjoyed the warmth.

I’m looking forward to what tomorrow will bring!